SQ Pro v5

SQPRO V5.1 Soft Launch

It’s time to start using SQPRO V5 folks in preparation for the retirement of our old friend SQPRO V4.

The good news is that V4 and V5 will install on your computer as separate programs, so you can use both versions for the foreseeable future, whilst you familiarise yourself with the new look and feel of V5.


With hundreds of hosts and only a handful of support staff and with some quite radical changes to V5, we decided against replacing V4 with V5 overnight, so as to allow us to provide adequate support to those who need it.

Be sure to watch all three tutorial videos in the Migrating from SQPRO V4 to SQPRO V5 Youtube playlist.

Important things to note

  1. You won’t be able to switch between versions mid-quiz since the team lists are stored separately for V4 and V5. However a single activation can be installed across both versions giving you the option to choose between V4 and V5 prior to the commencement of your event.
  2. The SpeedQuizzing Preferences will all set to their default values when first installing V5, so you may want to check the preferences for Buzzer ID Sounds, Fast Tracking (This didn’t need enabling in V4 but it does in V5), Device Signal Monitor and Waiting Room (Formerly known as New Connections)
  3. If you feel that some of your favourite features are missing in V5, check that Simple Mode is disabled in the SpeedQuizzing Preferences.
  4. Now that SQPRO V5 is no longer in beta stage, full support is available through the usual channels and V5 can now be openly discussed on the SQPRO hosts Facebook group. However, please watch the three tutorial videos before asking questions.

Latest version of SQPRO V5

SQ Pro version 5.1.1 Windows Installer
SQ Pro version 5.1.1 Mac OS Installer

Check out the SQPRO V5 Discord channel here.