SQ Pro v5

SQPRO V5 is almost ready for its official release to replace V4.

However there are a few final touches yet to be added and tested.

Anyone who would like to trial it can do so by using the links below. Please note that there will be regular patches / updates, all of which should be installed as soon as they happen.
The good news is that V4 and V5 will install on your computer as separate programs so you can choose which one to use per gig. NOTE: You won’t be able to switch version mid-quiz as the team lists are stored separately for V4 and V5. But a single activation should install globally allowing both versions to be available to use.
Important: The SpeedQuizzing Preferences will all set to their default values in V5 so most people may want to check the preferences for.

Please note these features are coming soon but are yet to be added.

There is no official documentation on how to use V5 as yet so do be sure to practice before using in public.
Until the Clips round is added and documentation is released then it not an official release, but here is the download link, along with a link to download the pamphlet that we handed out at the hosts day which explains some of the features and changes.

Latest version of SQPRO V5,

SQ Pro version 5.0.9 Windows Installer
SQ Pro version 5.0.9 Mac OS Installer

V5 changes and improvements document.

Please do not discuss V5 on any of the social media platforms or forums prior to it’s official release, other than the designated Discord channel here.
Please regularly check this page for an updated version of the software.