SpeedQuizzing Live FAQs

Is SpeedQuizzing Live the right SpeedQuizzing product for me?

Are you hosting SpeedQuizzing remotely over ZOOM (or similar)? If so then yes. If you wish to host SpeedQuizzing face to face with players in the same building as you then you require SpeedQuizzing Pro.

Do I require a SpeedQuizzing Hub to use SpeedQuizzing Live?

No. SpeedQuizzing Live works over the Internet.

Can I plug into a projector or TV to display additional info?

No. This feature is limited to SpeedQuizzing Pro.

Why should I sign up on the SpeedQuizzing website?

Creating a user account is the first step to hosting SpeedQuizzing Live. Without a SpeedQuizzing account, you can’t use SpeedQuizzing Live.

What is an Activation?

An SQLive Activation is booked for a specific date and will enable you to run SQLive out of demo mode (Up to 200 devices depending on internet). All Activations will include a Quizpack.

What is a Quizpack?

A Quizpack is a set of 61 trivia questions, split into three rounds of 20 questions, plus a bonus Nearest Wins question. One Quizpack comes free with every SpeedQuizzing Activation.

Can I book an Activation without a Quizpack?


Can I buy a Quizpack without an Activation?

No. When you have exhausted the demo questions included with the SpeedQuizzing installation, your options are to either create your own content, or to book a professional Activation including a Quizpack for a specific date.

Can I re-use a SpeedQuizzing Quizpack at a later date?

Yes, once you have taken delivery of a SpeedQuizzing Quizpack the files will stay in Your Question Manager indefinitely to use time and again.

What is the difference between purchasing Credits and booking an Activation Date?

The first step is to pay for at east one Credit. Which will sit indefinitely on your account until you use one to book an Activation. This allows you to take advantage of the ‘bundle’ price breaks without any time restrictions as to when you use the Activations.

Can I make my own Quizpacks?

Yes. Using the online Question Manager allows you to create and edit your own Quizpacks as well as edit SpeedQuizzing Quizpacks. Log in to the Members Area at SpeedQuizzing.com and click Question Manager.

Are SpeedQuizzing Quizpacks only suitable for the UK market?

No. We now have three different types of Quizpack. UK, US and Universal.

What type of questions can I expect to find in a SpeedQuizzing Quizpack?

Traditional trivia questions and picture questions covering all subjects including sport, geography, history, popular culture, music, film, TV and general knowledge. The questions range in difficulty from easy, medium, hard.

Why do some handset connections drop out and act temperamental?

SpeedQuizzing Live relies on you and all your players having a stable Internet connection. Poor Internet is going to prevent the system from working properly.