Should you upgrade to Ruckus?

Should you upgrade to Ruckus?


If it isn’t broke…

Older tablet compatibility.

The main trick up the sleeves of the Ruckus devices, (which the pocket hubs don’t have) is 5ghz WiFi compatibility. All modern phones are compatible with this but some older tablets might not be, such as the Amazon Fires from pre 2019. If you are someone who provides players with these older devices then this could be a reason for sticking with the Pocket Hubs. Ruckus will work with these older (2.4ghz only) devices, but will have no benefit over the Pocket Hubs when doing so. A good way to tell if your Amazon Fires are new enough to have 5ghz compatibility is to look if the power button is silver or coloured. Coloured = new. Silver = old.

Going Large

SpeedQuizzing Pro V5 is due for release later this year and will see limitations lifted on how many players can connect. So when using a computer of reasonable spec, the only thing limiting how many teams can play SpeedQuizzing Pro will be the WiFi hardware. In tests we’ve connected 200+ devices using Ruckus Hardware but theoretically they should allow up to 500 connections when using multiple access points. So exciting times lay ahead, for pushing the boundaries of what you can do with SQPRO.

Connection stability

As well as allowing for more connections, Ruckus hardware (with it’s dual band WiFi) can often improve the quality of connections, reducing device-disconnections in problematic venues.

So, what Ruckus hardware do I require for my SpeedQuizzing needs?

What about the r710?

The r500 and r710 both have the same theoretical physical limit of 100 devices per unit as well as similar range. So we’d recommend investing in two or three r500s for SpeedQuizzing rather than spending the same money on a single r710. However if you plan to host in really densely packed (standing room only) type venues or in venues where WiFi interference is known to be an issue, or you expect to regularly host to over 100 teams, then you won’t regret choosing an r710 as the Master AP in place of an r500.

Note: We don’t provide r710s configured as Repeater APs.