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John O Connor is a Ireland based SpeedQuizzing smartphone pub quiz host whose quiz nights includes an event at Masons Sports Bar in Waterford. To date, John O Connor has hosted a total of 213 events.

Host Biography

John O Connor who has been in the entertainment game since 1997 as DJ all over the south east of Ireland, Then in 2008 John started up a weekly pen and paper quiz in his local bar "The Cove" which he still run's to this day. Introducing all kinds of new quizzes like the Virtual Quiz were every question was on pub screens which the punters loved but because it took so long to prepare that it wasn't paying me to spend so long on making that so I went back to pen and paper. Then when we discovered the new future proof quiz "Speed Quizzing" we were able to stay ahead with a novel yet obvious in the fact that the future of quizzes must include smartphone or else is would be the death of the the pub quiz as we know them to be. With the new Speed Quizzing we can now concentrate on the entertaining and interactive aspect of the event and not on the boring correcting which can take up 15 to 20 minutes per round, now we can use this time to talk to teams and get feedback on how the quiz is going for them or sell raffle tickets which help generate an extra revenue stream for you or the pub. I Also now supply many other speedquiz host's with quiz question packs and have a massive choice of themed quizzes via our store, Ireland's first Smartphone Quiz Host..

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