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Smartphone Pub Quiz, Thursday 15 Oct 2015 at Alberts Bar, Devon, United Kingdom

( Expired )
  • Thursday 15 Oct 2015
    Alberts Bar
    Belgrave Road, Torquay, Devon, TQ2 5HL
    Fee per person:£1 per team
    Minimum Age:
    Max player per team:
    Prizes:prizes vary each week
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    Hosted byNick Barton
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    What's in store?

    From 8.30 on Thursday 15 Oct 2015, put your wits (and reaction times) to the test in the company of quizmaster extraordinaire nick barton. There are few Thursday night actives as lively and fun as a smartphone pub quiz, so get interactive and get down !!

    It costs £1 per team to play and you could take home one of our great prizes which are 'prizes vary each week'.