Windows 10: Update Problems

It’s not news to some that Windows Updates cause something of a problem to the SpeedQuizzing software with regards to the registered ‘Target Computer Name’.  In this short article we will go through what to do in the event of this happening to you.

If you have a Windows 10 Update, when you come to open SpeedQuizzing next it will most likely ask you to insert a new ‘Target Computer Name’, this is the title of the laptop you are using for the software.

When prompted, enter in a new laptop name.  If you have already booked an activation, it won’t work with SpeedQuizzing as the activation will be registered to the previous ‘Target Computer Name’.

In order to rectify this, head to the SpeedQuizzing website and in your account in the members section, click on ‘Your Activations’.  In here, go to your booking at the top of the table and click on ‘Change Booking’.  From here you can alter the activation to a new ‘Target Computer Name’.

This will take you back to the booking screen to go through your activation again, this time, just select your new ‘Target Computer Name’ and the new activation will now work.

If you have made frequent changes to bookings in the past, you may experience a block that requires you to contact us, this is just to ensure people aren’t making too many changes on a frequent basis.  Please contact us and we will happily remove this block for you, on this occasion.  Contact Stoo on 07813 820222 in the first instance, if not available please contact Alan on 07966 425988.

If you wish to avoid confusion in future you can request that we remove your old ‘Target Computer Name’, so you don’t accidentally select it from now on.  Email and let us know which ‘Target Computer Name’ you want removing.



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