Whats new in V4? Article 3: Hot Swapping

Currently when a team want to change their device mid-game, for example their battery has run out or their mate has just turned up with a tablet instead of a phone, it is always been a bit of a pain!  In the existing version of the software, you need to firstly add a new team, then delete the old team, manually add the points to the new device and then re-select their buzzer sound. In version 4 this will be improved significantly, with a new feature we have called ‘Hot Swap’.

Brand New Feature for SpeedQuizzing

Hot Swap’ will enable the host to replace an existing handset more or less with the single click of a button.  When a team requests to change their handset, the host simply clicks on the team name in the team list, presses the ‘Hot Swap‘ button and then requests that the team connect their new device.  Seamlessly, all information about the team including, scores and buzzer is then instantly transferred over to the new device and the game can continue as before with minimal interruption or delay.

We are hoping that hosts will enjoy the simplicity of this new feature, as it will remove both the hassle and stress of swapping handsets mid-game.

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