What’s new in V4? Article 2: Adverts


Another fantastic addition to V4 of the SpeedQuizzing software will be the adverts.  Previously, you were required to drop .jpg images into the ‘Your Adverts’ folder in advance of firing up the software and were limited to 6.  With V4 you are not restricted and will be able to easily upload and drag the images directly in the software, mid-game if required.  You can also drag and reorder them to your own or your venue’s requirements, setting the frequency of how often particular images appear as well as the length they stay on screen.

In addition to this, SpeedQuizzing has functionality to allow specific advert(s) that you don’t wish your quizzers to see during a particular quiz or at a particular moment to be ‘hidden’, by temporarily removing them from the slideshow. This will be simple to implement and you can still retain all your adverts in your list for future use.  This will be useful for hosts who have multiple venues or if you run corporate quizzes where some of the adverts may not be suitable or relevant.

One of the best new features to appear in V4 is the ability to make ‘On The Fly‘ adverts.  This is a similar concept to what a few people in the past have asked for, so I am sure it will satisfy a lot of those requests.  Within the software you will now be able to generate your own ‘Text’ adverts, setting the font, size, formatting,  text and background colours which you can then instantly save and drop into the slideshow to display on the handsets during the breaks.  We like to think that there are many uses for this and we are eager to see what ideas other hosts have as well.

On The Fly Adverts

Imagine a venue running a ‘break only‘ drinks offer during the quiz, each week (or round) the offer could be different; ‘free shot with every pint of Carling purchased’ for example which would then appear during a specific break.  Another idea, to ensure that your customers are looking at the adverts and paying attention could be to pop in an advert that reads “first team to come and tell me the secret password ‘quiz night’ gets a bonus of 5 points“.  You could even name and shame a team that haven’t paid their entry fee yet. You will also be able to instantly drop in screen grabs from the internet; useful for dropping in confirmation of facts from Wikipedia, etc. to prove that obnoxious question challenger wrong in a break!  The possibilities for this feature are vast and we are excited to see what people do with it, so please let us know your thoughts.

Finally, you will now also be able to display your adverts from the start of the quiz, not just during the ‘scores break‘ as in the current version.  SpeedQuizzing can now be set to display the adverts purely when the handsets are ‘inactive‘ and not in the middle of a quiz.

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