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Welcome to the first in our series of SpeedQuizzing Uncovered newsletters – created to help you to get the most out of hosting the original (and best) smartphone pub quiz around.

A newsletter is something that we know a few of you have been wanting for a while now – so we want to make sure we are getting somewhere close (for a first attempt) to what you had in mind!

Every issue will be packed full of news and advice, whether that’s updates on new and exciting features or top tips on how to efficiently and effectively run the very best SpeedQuizzes.

Don’t worry, this series won’t replace the Host Facebook Group (if you’re not part of it, check it out!), it will simply supplement it, providing us with a platform to group important advice and news together in an easily consumable format.

Ultimately, this newsletter has been created for you and we want to ensure that you get the most out of it, so if you have a suggestion for a feature or topic that you’d like us to look at covering in future issues, please get in touch with Matt through the button below.

We hope you enjoy this inaugural issue and look forward to hearing from you!

Get in touch

Make sure you’re connected

On Friday 24th November, we’re hosting our annual Host Connect Day, designed primarily as a way to bring as many hosts as possible together to say thank you for your loyalty and share new updates and features with you.

We’ll be laying on food and drink, and we’re keeping the format similar to previous years with the anticipated running order as follows:

12.00pm – Arrival/informal drinks at 1331 bar in York (13 Grape Lane, YO1 7HU)

12.30pm – Buffet lunch

1.00pm – Welcome and Q&A session with the SpeedQuizzing team

2.00pm – Quiz showcasing latest updates

3.00pm – Q&A session about newly revealed features

3.30pm -Informal networking with SpeedQuizzing team and fellow hosts

4.30pm – Finish (SpeedQuizzing team pack down)

5.30pm – The SpeedQuizzing team will be doing something sociable on the evening to which everyone is invited (potentially Pete’s quiz again at The Moxy Hotel).

If you’d like to attend, and if you haven’t already, we ask that you reserve your place. You can do so through the button below. Like last time, we are asking for a deposit of £15. This is necessary to ensure that we have a clear idea of how many people we will need to cater for. There’s going to be a slight twist this year in that we will keep £5 from each deposit, which will be put towards a cash pot giveaway to help us showcase a new feature. However, on arrival, you can expect to receive the remaining £10. Deposits won’t be refunded for no-shows.

Reserve your place

And the correct answer is…..

What is an activation? Should I be using a pocket hub or Ruckus router? Can I just print out the questions and run SpeedQuizzing as a pen and paper quiz so don’t need to worry about apps and stuff?

We don’t just write a lot of (quiz) questions, we get asked a lot of questions too by hosts and other interested parties interested in learning more about our software and how it works. The above are just a few recent examples – and no, that last question isn’t made up and has possibly been asked more than once!

Of course, we’re delighted to help, and we’ll always do our best to answer questions as efficiently and effectively as possible, wherever and whenever they crop up. With this aim in mind, we’ve created a page on our site with answers to some of the most common questions we get asked by hosts and potential hosts. We plan to regularly update this with new questions (and answers), so that it remains a relevant and helpful bank of information. Going forwards, we’ll also use this section of our newsletter to answer any topical questions relating to our software.

If you have a general enquiry or require emergency technical support, one of our team will always be available to help you, though we would ask that you refrain from contacting us through social media channels as these are NOT checked on a regular basis. You can find direct contact details for various members of the SpeedQuizzing team here. If you don’t get an immediate answer from the first person you try, please contact another member of the team.


The SpeedQuizzing team….uncovered!

Each newsletter, we’ll spotlight a different member of our team. First up, we’ll start with our newest recruit, Patrick (he’s the one on the left of the photo!).

Role: I’m a software developer at SpeedQuizzing. My primary responsibilities involve designing, developing, and maintaining software solutions that enhance the SpeedQuizzing experience for both players and hosts. I work on creating user-friendly interfaces, optimising performance, and implementing new features to make our quiz software even more engaging and enjoyable.

Uncommonly known fact about me (that I’m happy to share): I’m an avid collector of vintage video game consoles and games. My collection spans from the early days of gaming to more recent releases.

Favourite band or artist: Westside Boogie. His unique style and lyrical prowess have always captivated me, and his music often serves as the soundtrack to my coding sessions.

Favourite place: St. Andrewgate in York, where I proposed to my partner. It holds a special place in my heart, and the memories of that moment make it a truly cherished location for me.

‘Funny’ work-related story: One of our bosses almost broke up with his wife because she made him a cup of tea and let him sleep in.

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