Fake music clip to catch Shazam cheats red-handed!

Players obtaining answers via Shazam at music themed trivia events is a problem

What makes SpeedQuizzing stand out as the original and best Smartphone Pub Quiz / Trivia Platform is that we constantly endevour to come up with new innovations to improve the whole quizzing experience for both hosts and players alike. This requires keeping a careful eye on new technologies in order to make sure we keep ahead of the game. So once again, we’ve found a pub quiz related problem and sought out a way in which to solve it. In this instance we have arrived at a rather sneaky solution to beat the Music Quiz cheats at their own game.

The Solution

Mark from our office (known internationally as DJ Wizard) has been kind enough to furnish us with a clip of previously un-heard, original techno music. Then using all our cunning we’ve found a way to sneak this One Minute 20 second’ future floor-filler in through the back-door of Shazam whilst avoiding allowing it to find it’s way onto iTunes, Spotify or any other music service. This Music Clip exists solely for the purpose of exposing Music Quiz cheats who use Shazam on their phones to retrieve the answers.


The following instructions apply to the SpeedQuizzing Smartphone Pub Quiz platform, however there is no reason why you couldn’t adapt it for your lame pen and paper style quizzes / trivia events. 😉

Warning: use at your own risk. SpeedQuizzing LTD will not be held responsible for any fallout which may occur as a result of naming and shaming suspected cheats.


Using SpeedQuizzing Version 3.xx

Follow these instructions on how to execute your own Music Clips in a Keypad Round:

    • Start as you normally would, asking legitimate Music Questions e.g. LETTERS QUESTION “What is the name of this group?” or NUMBERS QUESTION “In what year was this song released?”.
    • Keep an eye out for teams answering difficult questions correctly, who you wouldn’t normally expect to. Often this can be age related, i.e. a team of youngsters getting all the older questions right, or vice versa.
    • If you dont suspect any fowl play it is important that you save your secret weapon for another week as you’ll only really get to use it once with any given group of people.
    • However if you do suspect cheating, you should proceed as follows. Start by asking one of these two questions…
  • LETTERS QUESTION “Listen to this piece of dance music and give the first letter of the name of the artist”.
  • NUMBERS QUESTION “What number features in the title of this piece of music?”.


Congratulations! Now all you have to do is see if anyone has fallen for your trap simply by checking to see if anyone answered correctly.


The answer to the first question would be “Z” for “Zamsha’s Revenge” (made up name and an anagram of Shazam), or for the second question it would be “888” for “888 Crime” (made up song title).

Whether you intend to publicly humiliate the guilty party(s), banishing them to the depths of the local pen and paper quiz for life, or you prefer to have a polite word at the end of the round, it’s not going to be easy for anyone to argue that a lucky guess landed them on the letter “Z”, or the number “888”.

Using SpeedQuizzing Version 4

SpeedQuizzing V4 works exactly the same, however you can also try the Quick Question files (downloadable here) which will allow you to play the song within the software with the question showing on the screen.

*At time of publication, V4 is in Beta Testing Phase


For SpeedQuizzing V3



For SpeedQuizzing V4



Bad Guys!

Whether you are a SpeedQuizzing Host or a pen and paper luddite, have this one on us. Free of charge, for the greater good.

Coming soon… Fake Trivia Questions!!

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