MP3 Buzzer Sounds functionality added to SpeedQuizzing Live

In this great new feature there are THREE ways to drag MP3 buzzer sounds into the SpeedQuizzing Live hosting software allocating your players ‘buzzer sounds’ that you’ve created to replace the stock sounds.


1. Drag a single MP3 file on to a player name in the player-list, (or player’s setting’s page).

This MP3 Buzzer Sound will be allocated to that player, overwriting any already allocated sound (factory or user).

Note (Double clicking on a player name in the Players list will show the currently allocated Buzzer sound in the individual Player setting page).

2. Drag multiple MP3 files at once onto the button in the General Settings Pane.

This will allocate these sounds to the whole current player list starting at the top of the player list and moving down, excluding those who already have a user MP3 assigned.

Update: You can now upload your Buzzer MP3s before any devices join the game and they will be allocated to teams as and when they join.

Note: It is possible to intentionally or unintentionally allocate the same file to multiple player names.

Any duplicated buzzer sounds will display White instead of Black in the player’s setting’s page.

3. Drag a single MP3 file onto the button in the Groups pane.

This will allocate this sound to whichever Group Name is currently selected. Any Player who becomes a part of that group will be allocated that sound.

Note: Group sounds will always override individual sounds.

Note: A Buzzer sound must be less than 15 sec long else it won’t upload.

Note: Drag and drop Buzzer Sounds are only currently tested to work properly in the Chrome and Firefox browsers.