Introducing the all new SpeedQuizzing Question Manager

Question Manager 2.0

Many SpeedQuizzing members enjoy the ease of purchasing our quiz packs. However, creating your own content can make your event even more unique, from a pub quiz with a themed round to questions about the happy couple at a wedding. While some users may be familiar with our previous Question Manager Beta, we are pleased to introduce you to our brand new Question Manager 2.0. The new web application is available to all SpeedQuizzing users in the Members Area of our website. With a clean design and powerful new features, creating and editing your own content for SpeedQuizzing events has never been easier.

Create and Edit Questions

The question creator makes it easy to enter questions in all formats, from Multiple Choice to Numbers questions, while intelligent features make it quick and simple to create your own quiz. With a clean look designed to save time, you can quickly move through the form using the tab key on your keyboard. You can also let the Question Manager do some of the work for you as the form intelligently updates as you enter information. For example, to create a Keypad question, simply enter your question and answer and you will see the single letter answer appear automatically. In addition, the corresponding Game Compatibility options will be selected for you, with coloured tags to help you quickly identify question types.

Questions you have written are also easy to edit, just double click the question and you can edit the text, change the question type or add additional information to a Multiple Choice question.

Feeling inspired by a question? The new Clone Question feature allows you to take an existing question and use it as a theme for a new question, saving time when you are producing your quiz content.


Picture Questions

The interactive gameplay is a key feature of SpeedQuizzing and as everyone loves identifying their favourite band or movie poster, the new Question Manager makes it easy to create your own picture questions. To add an image, simply drag and drop a JPEG into the question editor or click to upload a file from your computer.

Round Launcher


The Round Launcher tool enables you to load rounds of questions that you have exported and access SpeedQuizzing quiz packs you have previously purchased. Launching rounds into your Organiser enables you review all the questions in a round, with different question types identified by coloured tags. You can change the order in which your questions appear by simply dragging and dropping questions. They can also be moved into different rounds by dropping them into the corresponding tab in the Organiser.


Question Library

Written a similar question before? It’s easy to search your Question Library by keywords and narrow your results using filters on question type. Additionally, you can search for questions you have written or for those you have bought from SpeedQuizzing.

Whether your are managing large question libraries or just a few rounds, the Question Manager can also help you to get organsied with a new tagging feature. The question editor allows you to add unique tags to your questions, which are searchable in the Question Library.


As well as specific search terms, the search box also enables you to access all of your Question Library, however many questions that may include.

Export Your Round

Once your quiz is organised and ready to go, you can Export selected rounds or the full quiz. The Export feature allows you to download the quiz file and you will be ready to load your questions into the SpeedQuizzing software.

Ready to get writing?

If you’re ready to start creating your own quiz content, go to the Members Area and try out the new Question Manager today!

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