SpeedQuizzing creates free hosting platform for teachers to support remote schooling efforts

We’re delighted to be able to announce that we’ve created a new, free to use version of our industry-leading virtual quiz hosting platform specifically for teachers and pupils, to help support both remote and classroom-based learning across the UK during the Covid19 pandemic.

SchoolQuizzing by SpeedQuizzing provides educators with free access to an online platform which they can use to run fast-paced, interactive, multi-round virtual quizzes to support subject learning for home and classroom-based pupils.

To play, pupils – or their guardians – simply download our free SpeedQuizzing Live app to any smart device, such as a phone or tablet, and enter the quiz pin provided by the hosting teacher. Pupils play the quiz using their app-enabled smart device to view and answer each question, with up to 40 pupils able to participate in the quiz. In order to hear and see each other, home-based students require a second Zoom or Microsoft Teams enabled device, such as a computer, laptop or tablet.

The software allows the quiz to be hosted and played live, with teachers able to create their own topic-specific questions in a variety of game-play formats, from multiple choice and first letter of the answer, through to picture and sequence questions. Educators can also introduce time limits for answering questions, rewarding the fastest correct answer with extra points and eliminating opportunities for any googling of answers. All scoring is done automatically by the software and a range of buzzer noises are available to be allocated amongst players.

Commenting on the initiative, SpeedQuizzing co-founder Alan Leach said:

“We were surprised to hear reports that teachers across the UK had resorted to using our existing ‘SpeedQuizzing’ platform throughout 2020 to spice up teaching, both in the classroom and remotely, with many of them resorting to paying for the SpeedQuizzing license out of their own pockets.

“We’d always assumed there would be a wealth of purpose built interactive online educational tools already available, however the feedback we’ve received is that many of these products lack the fun-competitive element which SpeedQuizzing brings to the table.  

“We’ve created a schools-specific version in SchoolQuizzing, which is really straightforward to use, with teachers able to quickly and easily create an account and input their own questions before running a quiz. Features such as bonus points for the fastest correct answers won’t fit in with everyone’s teaching styles or school teaching policies, but as we’ve seen from hosting fun family quizzes throughout lockdowns over Zoom, people of all ages love trying to be the fastest to answer a question.

“We wanted to do what we could to support schools and teachers during this challenging time, so the biggest difference between SchoolQuizzing and our existing SpeedQuizzing product is that it’s free for teachers to use throughout 2021 – hopefully making a positive difference at a time when it’s most needed.”

SchoolQuizzing offers a range of game-formats, ensuring it caters for pupils of all ages and abilities. For example, the First Letter of the Answer format, which is unique to SpeedQuizzing, means that participants who may struggle with spelling and presentation find themselves on more of an even keel, as they can answer the question with a single press of a key.

One educator – and regular pub quiz host – who has already trialled our tech in the classroom is Ben Knight, who teaches at All Saints’ First School in Leek, Staffordshire, which caters for children aged three to nine years old. He said:

“Outside of teaching, I’ve hosted SpeedQuizzing events for a while now, and have frequently used their technology to run mini quizzes for pupils at my school, which have always gone down very well.

“Children all learn in different ways, and SpeedQuizzing has been a great tool to keep them engaged and to allow some, who may find it difficult with their writing, to come into their own. A particular favourite moment was when a child said, ‘that was the best maths lesson ever, thank you so much for making it fun’. Now, whenever I bring the iPads into the classrooms, the first thing the children ask me is, ‘are we SpeedQuizzing today?”

We’ve created a new site,, where UK-based educators can sign up to use our platform for free and access a simple tutorial on how to use it to run fast-paced, interactive quizzes. There’s also an area where pupils can go to download the free SpeedQuizzing Live app, which is available through Apple, Google and Amazon Play stores.

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