Host day 2022

SpeedQuizzing Hosts Day 2022

Special privileges for attendees.

Two new features which will ultimately be officially released in SQPRO V5 are available to trial as from today by Hosts Day 2022 attendees in SQPRO V4.
Make sure you have version 4.7.3 of SQPro, and the latest version of the app from the App store / Google Play

These are preview features, and as such no technical support will be provided.

Feature 1. Profile Pics.

To enable Profile Pics follow these steps.

Profile pics will now be able to be uploaded from the Quizmaster’s handset but not from player devices. In order to also allow players to upload profile pics from their devices, complete this additional step.

Note: Profile pics from player devices will need to be approved by the host. Profile Pics uploaded from the Quizmaster’s handset wont.

Feature 2. Detachable Teams List pane.

To enable the Detachable Teams List follow these steps.

Config File

To enable either of the new features mentioned above you will need to be running at least V 4.7.3 and access the SQPRO config file. This is a text file which can be found in the Config folder inside your SpeedQuizzing 4 Documents folder. Double click the text file and add the text on a new line and save.

Note: Changing = true to = false will have the same effect as deleting the line.