Green Mode Workaround

Green Mode workaround for non SpeedQuizzing Hubs.

Although we don’t recommend running SpeedQuizzing Pro on internet enabled networks or off-the-shelf routers which aren’t SpeedQuizzing Hubs for anything other than evaluating the product; we are aware that there are a handful of people doing this and managing to make it work.

It therefore may have come as a bit of a surprise in V5 of the player app that these hosts find that they need to tell their players to hold down the SQPRO logo to get the app into the Orange Mode.

With a certain amount of technical skills, it is possible in some situations to get around this by following the steps below, which will to some extent trick the SpeedQuizzing Pro system into thinking that you are using a SpeedQuizzing Hub.

Note: We will offer no additional help or support on this other than providing the information below.

Note: We can’t guarantee that this won’t have knock on, adverse effects on your Network and it’s Peripherals.

Note: If your Network doesn’t currently work with SpeedQuizzing Pro, this will not help it to do so. Nor will it in any way improve performance. It will simply make the icon go green removing the need for the extra step for players.

Note: If you are not technical yourself, you may be best consulting a networking specialist to assist you with this and to advise you of any adverse affects that could be introduced to your system by doing so.

How to trick SpeedQuizzing in to thinking your existing network is a SpeedQuizzing Hub.