Find public ‘SpeedQuizzing Web’ events to play

This page is a temporary directory of quiz presenters who are hosting SpeedQuizzing over the Internet using ZOOM and the SpeedQuizzing app.

Note: although many of us hosts have been hosting SpeedQuizzing in bars for many years, SpeedQuizzing Web is a brand new technology which many of us are still finding our feet with. So please be patient and respectful when joining these online events.

Important: None of these SpeedQuizzing hosts are officially endorsed by SpeedQuizzing LTD

Please check the individual host links for any changes to the advertised listings!

SpeedQuizzing Host Alan Leach – A free family quiz every evening at 7pm and music quiz every evening at 8pm.

SpeedQuizzing Host Stoo (Mister Quiz) – Monday – General Knowledge, Wednesday – Themed Quizzes and Friday – Music Quizzes.  Cash prizes.

Martini SpeedQuizzing – There’ll be an online General Knowledge SQ quiz on Sunday (15th November) at 7.30pm (ish), via the FB page. 4 rounds (including an audio round), all ending with evil round. (Potential aftershow audio rounds too if people wanna stay on with a drink or two…maybe)

Quiz Man Kev

Dwayne Anthony Smartphone Quiz

King Of The Castle Entertainments – Quizzes every Wednesday & Friday at 8.30pm

SpeedQuizzing Northern Ireland

Bru La Fu Quizzing

Disco Disco – Every Tuesday at 9pm plus a family friendly one every Saturday at 2pm

The Wheatsheaf Pub Quiz Chester

The Acorn Pub Quiz Wirral

SpeedQuizzing Dublin

Piries Bar – Tuesdays at 8pm

Chris Roberts SpeedQuizzing

Roper Hall Quiz & Karaoke

Mikes SpeedQuizzing Page – Music quiz every Wednesday at 7.30pm, GK every Saturday at 7.30pm

SpeedQuizzing Northampton & Corby –

Sir James Glasgow Pub Quiz

Speedy Trivia – Quiz Nights – 7 nights a week, GK and themed quizzes.

Sounds Right Entertainment – General Knowledge every Tuesday and Thursday at 8:15pm

Dazzlers SpeedQuizzers – Sundays to Thursdays at 9.15pm

Tonys SpeedQuizzing Page

Fast Forward Quiz

Quiz Host Reece

Daveys Smartphone Quiz

Premier SQ

Kuta Quiz

The Stay Inn – Phil hosts a General Knowledge quiz from his virtual pub every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9pm

Lulus Quizzes

Stay At Home Quiz Live

DJ Dennis Productions

Trivia Magician

DJ Baldy Mick

Olly Quizzes – Quizzes every Thursday and Sunday

Sammys Speed Quizzes – Free quizzes everday – times vary. Bonus themed quiz Thursdays at 7pm plus a kids quiz Saturdays at 5pm.

SpeedQuizzing Bicester

SpeedQuizzing London

Dave Atherton SpeedQuizzing Live – quiz every Wednesday from 8.15pm

The Kilted Quiz – every Wednesday 9pm

Dreamlite Entertainments Smartphone Quiz

SpeedQuiz Live and Brutal – Mondays 8pm, Thursdays 8pm and Sundays at 2pm. First quiz is free.

The Anson Live SpeedQuiz – Wednesdays 8pm and Sundays 8pm (UK Time) General Knowledge & Music

SpeedQuizzing Ely – Tuesdays music, Wednesdays football, Thursdays & Sundays GK, all from 7.30pm plus a family quiz every Sunday from 2.30pm.

Quarantine Quiz – General Trivia Quiz Every Friday @ 8pm!

Super Yams Smartphone Quiz – Wednesdays GK at 8.30pm £2. Fridays themed quizzes at 8.30pm £3

SpeedQuizzing CI – Public events every Thursday & Sunday and available for corporate/private events as well.

Quizmaster Steve – 6 quizzes a week, including a themed quiz on Thursday, music special on Friday and footy special on Saturday

Ste’s Quizzes – Every Tuesday at 6pm, themed quizzes every other Saturday.

Johns Online Quiz – Every Saturday, Tuesday & Thursday from 8pm – £2.50 per team

Geds Quiz  – Every Saturday from 8pm – £2.50 per team | Sunday from 8pm – free | Tuesday from 9pm – free

Colins Online SpeedQuiz – Quizzes on a Friday, Sunday and Monday all general knowledge at 9pm.

Thoms Lockdown Quiz – Every Wednesday and Sunday. Team entry as low as £2. Cash prize for first place. Free mini games with cash to be won. Free late night music quiz every Monday at 11pm.

Night Out Night In Quizzes Mondays 7.30pm, GK Quiz, £3 each, cash prize.

NextGen Quizzing

Durbz SpeedQuizzing Live (Isle Of Wight) – Everyone across the globe is welcome to join us for our relaxed general knowledge, music & themed quizzes. Like the Facebook page for times, updates, details & to request a theme

Bens SpeedQuizzes – Thursdays from 8, the ‘quizzer’s quiz’, – six rounds of 10 challenging, self-written.

Smartphone Quiz Knights – Wednesday and Sunday nights from 8pm.

North Star Entertainment – Tuesday and Friday at 7:30pm.  Linkings teams available for families,  Zoom rooms available after the quiz for family and friends.

SpeedQuizzing London (Owen Andrew)

Big Smart Quiz with Nick Da Souza – All music quiz every Monday at 8pm, Fun Fridays (easy general knowlege) at 8pm.

Quiz Live – We quiz every Monday (General Knowledge), Wednesday (General Knowledge), and Friday (Themed, broad like Blockbuster Movies, Ultimate Music, Comedy etc). As well as some Saturday specials (more niche like Austin Powers, Pokemon etc)