SpeedQuizzing Live Pricing

SpeedQuizzing Live is currently FREE to use up to 12 player devices. You only need to pay should you choose to go over the 12 device threshold, or should you wish to purchase a SpeedQuizzing Quizpack rather than create your own content.

However, to allow us to temporarily lower the price for SpeedQuizzing Live we’ve split these into part activations (1/3rds) which we are calling “Credits” which are equal to UK £7+VAT each.

Video: on pricing and how to pay for activations and quizpacks.

Before you can purchase Credits, you’ll need to create a SpeedQuizzing account here https://www.speedquizzing.com/create-account/

Once you’ve created a free SpeedQuizzing account and logged in, then you can purchase an activation (equal to three SpeedQuizzing Live credits) here. https://www.speedquizzing.com/members/buy-live-credits/