Sharing SpeedQuizzing Live Rounds

It is now possible to share rounds which you’ve created in the Question Manager with other SpeedQuizzing Live users using Shared Round Codes.


Whenever a host saves a round in the SpeedQuizzing Live Question Manager it will now automatically create a Shared Round Code (so long as certain requirements have been met). These requirements are…

  • Only works with Keypad or Nearest Wins rounds.
  • Only works on completely user-created rounds (only blue questions, no purple questions).

The unique Shared Round Code will present itself above the Organiser tab and can be copied to your computer’s clipboard by clicking it.

The code can then be shared with any other SpeedQuizzing Live host to allow them to host this round by selecting ‘Shared Round Code‘ in the Let’s Play SpeedQuizzing Live area and pasting the code in the box that appears.

Code Expiry date

  • A key feature of Shared Round Codes  is that they can be assigned a date by the creator, after which they will no longer work.

How do we expect Shared Round Codes to be used?

  • We want to encourage users to only trade rounds privately on a one to one basis with individuals who they trust aren’t going to be hosting to any of the same players.
  • We respectfully ask users to avoid distributing / sharing / selling these codes on a larger scale than mentioned above as it will undoubtedly increase the likelihood of players being exposed to duplicate quizzes and could also be abused if the codes fall into the hands of players who know how to view a round in advance of participating in it.
  • As well as trading rounds there is no reason why Shared Round Codes can’t be used to create themed rounds to order for other users who’d rather pay for this service than create themed rounds themselves. However selling the same round to multiple users is what we are wanting to discourage for the same reasons already mentioned.

What Shared Round Codes can do.

  • Shared Round Codes can be traded with or sold on a small scale to trusted individuals.
  • Shared Round Codes can have an expiry date set by the creator after which time they stop working.
  • Shared Rounds with typos and mistakes in a particular question can be edited by the creator, even after a code has been shared.

What Shared Round Codes don’t allow.

  • Shared Rounds can not be edited by the users with whom they’ve been shared.
  • Shared Rounds can not be imported into another user’s Question Manager.
  • Shared Round Codes can not be used with SpeedQuizzing Pro.
  • Shared Rounds can not contain SpeedQuizzing created content. (Purple questions in the Question Manager)