Alan Leach ZOOM Quiz

What you’ll need.

Participants will need two devices to take part, along with a stable Internet connection.

1.     To watch/listen: Preferably a laptop or alternatively a large tablet, using the ZOOM meeting app. 

2.     To input the answers: A Smartphone or Tablet, with the SpeedQuizzing app installed. The SpeedQuizzing App (for the 2nd device) works on IOS or Android apps downloaded from the respective app stores


SpeedQuizzing Web

Download the player app

SpeedQuizzing app

  • Search for SpeedQuizzing on the Apple app store, Google Play store or the Amazon app store.

Join The Game


The quiz host will provide you with a four digit pin code to input into the SpeedQuizzing app where you will also input a player name or team name.


Play The Game

Letters Question

Input the first letter of the answer, omitting ‘The’ in answers such as ‘The Lion King’ and always using a person’s first name, exampleP” for ‘Sir Paul McCartney’.

Numbers Question

Input a number and press ‘enter’, don’t forget to press enter.

Multiple Choice

Select the correct option from between two and six multiple-choice options read out by the host.

Sequence Question

Tap a sequence in a specified order, such as chronologically, or size order, or alphabetically etc.