SpeedQuizzing Hub / Router

SpeedQuizzing Hubs/Routers are pre configured to work straight out of the box with the SpeedQuizzing software.


SpeedQuizzing Buffalo Router


Buffalo orders to the US will take longer to arrive than the Pocket Hubs because they are sent out from the UK. Buffalos are usually 10 working days where as the Pocket Hubs will be closer to 2 or 3 days.


UK £85 +VAT including delivery.


EU €125 +VAT including delivery.


US $125 including delivery.


Ethernet cable included.

Power supply included.

Dimensions 212mm / 183mm / 34mm.



SQ Pocket Hub SpeedQuizzing router.




The SQ pocket hub can be purchased now from the UK for £30 + VAT ( inc postage) or $45 including postage from the US. They can be used as an inexpensive Gateway into hosting SpeedQuizzing (handling up to 32 devices) or be used as an inexpensive backup to an existing SpeedQuizzing host’s main Buffalo unit.

In addition to Master Router mode the SQ Pocket Hub can also be used to extend the range of your current SpeedQuizzing router using either one of these two options.

1. Extender Mode where you connect the device to your main router via a long Ethernet cable, placing the new extender units in hard to reach areas for a reliable way of extending your range.

2. Repeater mode where you don’t use an Ethernet cable but which may be less reliable IE. more susceptible to dropouts / disconnections.

Another great feature of these units is that when in Master Mode or Extender mode, the WiFi channel can be changed with the press of a button without the need to enter the GUI.


£30 +VAT including postage. (From the UK)

$45 including postage. (From the US)

2.4ghz mode only (no 5ghz).

Ethernet cable included.

Only USB power cable included. (No actual USB Power supply included).

Dimensions 60mm / 60mm /25mm.



Warning! Although SpeedQuizzing can be played using some standard WiFi networks, we can not offer technical support for customers attempting to use networking methods other than one of the SpeedQuizzing dedicated hub/routers.


Can I use my spare home router or borrow one from a friend?

Yes but we advise against this for many reasons including….

1. Not all routers (however expensive) will reliably connect more than a dozen devices at the same time.

2. Not all routers provide adequate coverage.

3. We only offer technical support to customers using the dedicated Router/Hub.


Can I use the WiFi network in the venue instead of buying a SpeedQuizzing recommended Router/Hub?

If you are playing a quiz at home for fun or perhaps in a classroom where the WiFi network has been designed with the purpose of multiple mobile devices gaming in real time, then you may be fine hosting SpeedQuizzing using an existing WiFi network. However if you are planning to host SpeedQuizzing professionally in a public place such as a bar or conference room then you should purchase the dedicated Router/Hub.

Remember we only offer Network technical support to customers using the recommended dedicated router method (explained above)



Why connect to the Router/Hub via ethernet cable when hosting SpeedQuizzing?

The loss of connection between a player’s handset and the router is an annoyance on the rare occasion that it happens.

However the loss of connection between the laptop and the router is more serious because it causes all of the mobile devices to disconnect from the game at the same time.

A Cable connection between laptop and Router/Hub prevents this from happening.