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The Great British pub quiz has been evolving. Gone is the slow pace. Gone is the cheating that has undermined the integrity of many pen and paper pub quizzes in recent years and to boot, the days where quiz contestants actually have to mark each others question sheets is thankfully also now a thing of the past.

SpeedQuizzing’s quiz game software heralds a new age of high-energy smartphone pub quizzing where the fast-paced game style takes trivia nights to new heights while ensuring it is impossible to cheat.

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- John Leach - Co Founder, SpeedQuizzing

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Our quiz hosting software which works in conjunction with the majority of smartphones offers you a fresh approach to quiz hosting.


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If you wish to host SpeedQuizzing professionally you will need to purchase some SpeedQuizzing Credits, then, using our online event booking system, you can exchange these credits for Activation Keys which are encoded files designed to ‘activate’ the SpeedQuizzing software for a specific date, thus enabling you to connect up to 32 devices, rather than the 4 permitted in demo mode.

In addition to purchasing Activation Keys, you can optionally include a Quizpack as part of the booking process. a Quizpack is a unique set of 60 questions and answers generated, specifically for you, from our massive questions database.

One Month Deal


( 12 x )
  • At a rate of one quiz per week, 12 credits is enough to last you 4 weeks*.
  • Saves you $10 off the Pay As You Go price
  • This deal brings the credit unit price down to $9.16

Quarter Year Deal


( 39 x )
  • At a rate of one quiz per week, 39 credits is enough to last you 13 weeks*.
  • Saves you $70 off the Pay As You Go price
  • This deal brings the credit unit price down to $8.20

Half Year Deal


( 78 x )
  • At a rate of one quiz per week, 78 credits is enough to last you 26 weeks*.
  • Saves you $180 off the Pay As You Go price
  • This deal brings the credit unit price down to $7.70

Full Year Deal


( 156 x )
  • At a rate of one quiz per week, 156 credits is enough to last you 52 weeks*.
  • Saves you $410 off the Pay As You Go price
  • This deal brings the credit unit price down to $7.37


Reseller deal coming soon.

 * All time estimates are based on an optional Quizpack being required for each booking. Find out more.


Why should I sign up on the SpeedQuizzing website?

Signing up as a registered SpeedQuizzing user is the first step to becoming a professional SpeedQuizzing host. Once you have signed up you can Authorise computers ready to work in professional mode and pay for SpeedQuizzing Credits which you will ultimately use to book activation keys to host events which require more than four handsets to be connected.

Does it matter what type of Router I use?

Very much so. Even though most routers will work in a small room with a handful of connections, we recomend that you use the Buffalo WZR-HP-G450H and optimize it using our built in optimisation wizard. http://www.speedquizzing.com/software/docs/info_speedquizzing_router/

What is a SpeedQuizzing Activation?

Registered users login to our members area and book Activations which allows them to download an Activation key. An Activation key is an enrypted computer file that once dragged on to the relevant opened, authorised SpeedQuizzing software, will enable that specific computer to run for the duration of the specified date in professional (32 handset) mode. This file may or may not incorporate a Quizpack.

What is a Quizpack?

A Quizpack is a set of 60 trivia questions, split into three rounds of 20 questions, plus a bonus Nearest Wins end-of-quiz bonus question. One Quizpack can be purchased as an add-on whenever you book a SpeedQuizzing Activation.

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Meet The SpeedQuizzing Team

Meet our team. These three people are all truly dedicated to the SpeedQuizzing cause which to make the smartphone pub quiz the standard for all quiz nights and trivia events going forward.

Follow John on

John Leach

Company Director / Software Designer & Developer

John Leach loves working on technology projects like SpeedQuizzing. He is responsible for much of the technology as well as the look and feel of the SpeedQuizzing experience.

Follow Alan on

Alan Leach

Company Director / Smartphone Quiz Evangelist

As well as being the co creator of SpeedQuizzing, the game designer, road tester, technical support and main trivia content contributor Alan also finds the time to be a family man and professional musician.

Follow Chris on

Chris Jones

App Developer

Chris has been our main man in regards to the development of our IOS and Android SpeedQuizzing Virtual Buzzer app. Alongside his work with SpeedQuizzing, Chris is a freelance software developer with a massive skill-set.

  • When we discovered the new future proof quiz “SpeedQuizzing” we were able to stay ahead with a novel yet obvious in the fact that the future of quizzes must include smartphone or else is would be the death of the the pub quiz as we know them to be.

  • Alan has been a QUIZMASTER for several years and the new SPEEDQUIZZING concept is just amazing and I have fallen in love with it. Bye bye pens and paper as there is simply no time to GOOGLE the answers (Boo to all you cheaters lol).

  • I have been hosting quizzes for over 12 years. Now out of the pub game I keep my hand in with this fantastic new take of trivia fun.