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Smartphone Pub Quiz, Tuesday 2 May 2017 at 1331 Bar, York, United Kingdom

  • Tuesday 2 May 2017
    1331 Bar
    13 Grape Lane, York, YO17HU
    Fee per person:£1.50
    Minimum Age:18
    Max player per team:8
    Prizes:Bar Vouchers
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    Hosted byPhil Qua
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    What's in store?

    From 8.30pm on Tuesday 2 May 2017, put your wits (and reaction times) to the test in the company of quizmaster extraordinaire Phil Qua. There are few Tuesday night actives as lively and fun as a smartphone pub quiz, so get interactive and get down !!

    It costs £1.50 per person to play, up to 8 players per team are permitted and you could take home one of our great prizes which are 'Bar Vouchers'.