SpeedQuizzing Version 3.5.0 update

Fixes in V3.5.0 are as follows.. Fixed.. authorisation problems caused by Windows 10 updates. Fixed.. Mac Sierra install problem. Fixed.. Keypad ‘Go Wide’ speed bonus bug. Fixed.. picture question bug (answers entered prior to picture displaying...
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SpeedQuizzing Version 3.5.2 update

Fix in V3.5.2.. If you are one of our users who had to authorise twice on SpeedQuizzing 3.5.0, but are now up and running, you can skip this update. Otherwise this version does fix that problem going forwards. Get it here //
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Fake music clip to catch Shazam cheats red-handed!

Players obtaining answers via Shazam at music themed trivia events is a problem What makes SpeedQuizzing stand out as the original and best Smartphone Pub Quiz / Trivia Platform is that we constantly endevour to come up with new innovations to improve...
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