SpeedQuizzing Live Host Instructions

Due to phenomenal demand we are having to cease accepting new SpeedQuizzing Live customers for a few days to allow us to concentrate all our efforts on supporting our existing customers. If you email info@speedquizzing.com with your details we should have a great new solution in place for new customers within the week. Many thanks.

SpeedQuizzing goes web-based during the ban on large gatherings.

Until recently our flagship SpeedQuizzing product was played in 1400 pubs and bars weekly over a Local Area Connection with players competing using our Android and Apple SpeedQuizzing apps. SpeedQuizzing has established itself as the global market leader for Pub Quizzes and Trivia Events over the past ten years. However with the current ban on large gatherings, our main product has temporarily become a little bit redundant.
Therefore what we have here (SpeedQuizzing Live) is a temporary, makeshift web based replacement. It’s not as slick as SpeedQuizzing, it doesn’t work on Apple IOS yet. But considering we created this in less than a week in response to the current global situation, we think it’s pretty impressive. It is a work in progress, and we will continue to improve it until a time we can all go back to quizzing where God intended. Down the pub.

Tell us about SpeedQuizzing Live

Instructions (For existing hosts)

Although we aren’t officially providing support for this product, Stoo and Steve may be able to assist if you give them a shout.
stoo@speedquizzing.com            07813 820222
steve.lee@speedquizzing.com    77930 503843
Alternatively try Phil on              07870 576996
The best resource for help getting started is a brand new temporary Facebook group entitled SpeedQuizzing Live.

I’ve never hosted SpeedQuizzing, can I use SpeedQuizzing Live?

You will be able to once we get all our existing hosts sorted and work out a pricing structure.

Watch this space.