I’m an individual who would like to earn money hosting SpeedQuizzing nights


By simply following each step on the lists below, you will be ready to host your first SpeedQuizzing event in no time.

However if you’d prefer to just try the demo version click here.

Full software information, including an extensive list of features and benefits can be found here and pricing can be found here.

What will I need?

  • Laptop computer.
  • SpeedQuizzing Wireless Hub (and ethernet cable).
  • Sound system to amplify your voice and the audio output from the laptop.
  • Method of making payment using PayPal

What do I need to do?

Prior to your first event…

  1. Order your SpeedQuizzing Wireless Hub (buy one here).
  2. Create a free SpeedQuizzing user account.
  3. Click the link in your activation email (please contact us if you can’t find this email).
  4. Download the software (free) onto your PC or Mac Download here.
  5. Read the relevant help docs on how to host the quiz games here.
  6. Connect the SpeedQuizzing Hub following the included instruction booklet.
  7. Check that you can successfully connect handsets using this Quick Start Guide and familiarise yourself with how to test the Buzzer ID Sounds here. +Find out how to optionally upgrade the buzzer ID sounds here.
  8. Familiarise yourself with the games, hosting quizzes for friends/family (free to host with up to four teams). This is possible using your home WiFi prior to taking delivery of your SpeedQuizzing Hub.
  9. Find a willing venue in your area (demoing the system if necessary) and arrange a date to host your first public event.
  10. Pay for Speedquizzing Activations (1 minimum but savings can be made by purchasing multiple activations in bulk).
  11. Authorise SpeedQuizzing on your laptop and book an Activation date. (Find out how here).
  12. With the help of the venue, promote your event using the resources here.
  13. Plan your event, layout of the room, sound system and optional Live Screen etc..

On the big day prior to players arriving…

  1. Install your Activation using Easy Activate in the SpeedQuizzing software, enabling the software to connect up to 32 handsets.
  2. Load and read through the included three rounds of quiz questions
  3. Set up centrally in the venue and check everything is working (router, sound system etc).

Once your guests have arrived…

  1. Explain how to download the free SpeedQuizzing Virtual Buzzer app onto their smart devices using their mobile data or the venue’s Internet connection.
  2. Once they’ve downloaded the app tell them to join the Quiz Hub network, open the app, enter a team name and hit Connect.

Check out our Tent card / Table Talkers here to make it easier to promote and explain the quiz to customers.