Plain English for pub landlords/managers.

SpeedQuizzing (also known as a SmartPhone Pub Quiz) is a quiz game designed primarily for pubs/bars.


A customer downloads a free app onto their own smart device which allows them (with a group of friends) to take part in a pub quiz in the same way they would with a pen and paper quiz but with some notable differences.



How does SpeedQuizzing work?


The same as with a pen and paper pub quiz….

  • A host such as a member of staff or local DJ reads the questions over a microphone.
  • Quiz teams sit around a table and aim to answer as many questions as possible in order to score more points than competing teams.
  • Questions are asked in rounds, with breaks in-between to allow for drinks etc.
  • Teams socialise, drink, debate answers, laugh, joke, brag, and enjoy banter with other teams.
  • In addition to our  professionally written quiz content, you can additionally create your own(Extra rounds can easily be made by yourself to include picture questions as well as music questions using your own personal MP3s).


Unlike a pen and paper pub quiz….

  • Rather than having an unspecified amount of time to write an answer down, teams are given a time-limit (sometimes as short as 10 seconds) during which time they have to decide on an answer and input it using the keypad on their device screen. This gives players considerably less time to attempt to cheat!
  • Generally answers are submitted by a single tap on the device screen. IE. first letter of the answer, or multiple-choice (A.B.C.D etc).
  • Picture Questions are also done using a time limit, for example, teams might be given 20 seconds to put a name to a face displayed on their device-screen.
  • Scoring is taken care of automatically by the laptop with the leader-board being accessible at any point throughout the event.
  • Unlike a traditional pub-quiz the answers are revealed immediately after each question, causing increased social interaction between team-members as well as maximum banter between competing teams.


What will I need to host SpeedQuizzing?


The same as with a pen and paper pub quiz you will need……

  • Microphone/Sound system to allow all participants to hear the questions being read out clearly.
  • An enthusiastic host, capable of reading and speaking clearly into a microphone and who is confident addressing a crowd.
  • Local promotion. Posters (Downloadable from our site), Tent cards (Can be purchased from us) Social media etc.
  • Teams of players. As with a traditional quiz, you decide how many people can play per team, whether to charge an entry fee, what prizes to give and what time to start / finish etc.


Unlike a pen and paper pub quiz you will also need……

  • Laptop. The host software runs from any reliable Windows PC or Apple Mac. (Preferably with an Ethernet port).
  • WiFi Hub to host SpeedQuizzing. Available from us, the Hub is a stand-alone black box which (when connected to the laptop via an Ethernet cable) allows players to reliably connect their Smartphones and Tablets to the game without the need for an internet connection.
  • Amplification of laptop audio output.  The sound effects are a big part of the SpeedQuizzing experience, so the headphone output from the laptop should also be fead into your sound system. The best way to achieve this is to use a small mixing desk which allows you to control the level of the microphone and the level of the sound effects independently from the same unit.
  • Email address in order to create a SpeedQuizzing User account.
  • Paypal account in order to purchase your SpeedQuizzing Activations.
  • More so than a pen and paper quiz, SpeedQuizzing does require an enthusiastic individual who is prepared to read and understand technical instructions and who isn’t afraid of basic technology such as plugging in cables, downloading computer files and installing software etc.



How much does it cost to host?


Before the costings bellow, we should point out that (along with the supply of the laptop) the audio side of things is your responsibility. IE making the sound of the microphone and the headphone socket from the laptop come out of your sound system clearly.


  • The SpeedQuizzing Hub costs £85 (Or £30 for the new Pocket Hub)
  • Quiz Activation costs £21 per event including technical support and quiz content. However there are bulk-buy price breaks which can bring this price down as low as £13.50 per event.
  • For a limited time, Optional on-site setup and assistance at your first event costs £75 anywhere in the UK.
  • We will also offer larger companies free training days anywhere in the UK when attended by a minimum of 6 new hosts.
  • Extra better quality sound effects can be purchased for £15 for a set of 50.|1
  • Table talkers can be purchased for £16 for 50. //


All prices (except Sound effects) are +VAT

Why not try the free SpeedQuizzing poster maker here now  //

Very frequently asked questions.


How easy is it to operate?

Anyone with an enthusiasm to make it work by following instructions and who isn’t a total technophobe should have no problem setting it up and hosting the Keypad games which a designed for ease of use.


Do I need internet in my venue?

Yes but only for downloading the app. Players devices are connected to the host laptop via the SpeedQuizzing Hub and which DOES NOT need to be connected to the internet.

Therefore your internet just needs to be good enough to allow players to initially download the free app from the app stores.


Do I need to connect to plasma screens, TVs or projectors?

No but you can if you wish. If you have screens you can connect the laptop to them to automatically display extra info such as scoreboard and player instructions but this is optional.


Do I have to buy the SpeedQuizzing Hub?

SpeedQuizzing is designed to work with the SpeedQuizzing Hub. Although connecting the host and devices to an existing WiFi network will usually work, this should only be used for evaluating the system and will not be supported for professional use.


Can we host it from an iPad or does it have to be a laptop?

It has to be a laptop.


What should I do now?

Follow our step by step walkthrough here 

Or to enquire about optional on-site assisted setup and training call:

Monday – Friday 9.30am to 5.30pm (UK)

Phil on ++ 44(0)7870 576 996

Steve (Sales) on ++ 44(0)7930 503 843

Alan on ++ 44(0)7966 425 988