Handset Buzzer ID Select Menu

What is the Handset Buzzer ID Select Menu?

Since V1 the presenter has been able to select a unique Buzzer ID sound for each individual handset/team from within the SpeedQuizzing host software.

However, new in V3… is a feature which allow’s teams to choose their own sound from a list on their handset-screen at the beginning of the game.



How to use the Handset Buzzer ID Select Menu

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 22.05.50

  • The host clicks on the orange team name in the bottom left hand corner of the host screen to allow that handset to join the quiz. (see general instructions on connecting handsets)
  • The  handset will now automatically display a list of Buzzer ID sounds, mirroring the Buzzers folder in the SpeedQuizzing host software. (This screen is constantly updating and will intelligently grey out any sounds which are already assigned to another handset).
  • After scrolling through available sounds, the desired Buzzer ID Sound can be selected by holding the clip name on the handset-screen until it turn’s green.


A slight change in V3… of the SpeedQuizzing host software is that a Buzzer ID is no longer automatically selected on connection of a handset by default. This will no longer take place until a point where that team’s sound is required to be played.

Therefore there are now three ways which a Buzzer ID can be selected for a handset.

  • New method. From the handset screen (Where the app is V.3.0.6 or later).
  • Old method. By the host in the Player / Team Options page in the host software.
  • Automatically. A handset which has not yet had a Buzzer ID assigned manually will be assigned one automatically the very first time the sound is due to play. This could be either during a game, or in Test-Buzzers mode, (IE when the buzzer screen is tapped with the Player / Team options pane open for the corresponding team).


Visual Feedback

Great Visual feedback is provided on the team list in the host software as follows…..

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 22.41.41

  • black team name indicates that a sound is yet to be selected.
  • white team name indicates that a sound has been selected.
  • grey team name indicates that the connected handset is running an older app which is not compatible with the Handset Buzzer ID Select Menu.

Re-selecting a Buzzer ID from the handset screen

In most cases a team will only need to select a Buzzer ID once, however in some cases they may select the wrong sound by mistake or simply want to change their mind. Therefore in addition to the initial chance to make a selection using the Handset Buzzer ID Select Menu, this mode can be re-initiated manually one handset at a time by the host.

  • Click on the team name in the host software to open the Player / Team options page, here you will see a green Select sound via handset button. Pressing this button will re-display the Buzzer ID list on that team’s handset allowing them to choose a different selection from their handset screen.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 22.44.36

  • If the Green button is greyed out, this indicates that their handset is already displaying the Buzzer ID list. If the Green button is missing, this indicates that they have either disconnected from the game or that they are not using an up to date SpeedQuizzing app.


Disabling the Handset Buzzer ID Select Menu?

There aren’t many instances where a host wouldn’t want to allow players to select their own sounds from the handset screen, however this feature can be disabled globally in the SpeedQuizzing settings page.


Replace the Buzzer ID sounds?

The included set of sounds serve a purpose but they can be improved on by purchasing new ones or creating your own. Find out more here.