Using your own trivia content

Overview of how to use your own trivia content in SpeedQuizzing


Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the Keypad, Nearest Wins and Buzzin’ games using the included demo questions,  you may want to create your own trivia content instead of, or to compliment, The Speedquizzing supplied content that comes with your activation. There are two main methods of introducing your own content but there is also a 3rd option for those using Version 4. The first most simple method is to use the built in On The Fly feature in the host software.

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The other is to create your own Quizpack files using the online SpeedQuizzing Question manager in the Members area of the SpeedQuizzing website. Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 15.18.47

Advantages of On The Fly.

  • No need to plan ahead. Think of questions on the spot or read them from a piece of paper or trivia book.
  • Picture questions can also be included On The Fly by simply locating a JPEG file on your computer’s hard drive.
  • Throw in last minute ideas such as “Jenny from behind the bar has just spilled a full glass of what drink all over a customer?” A. Beer… B. Vodka and coke… etc.
  • Available to new non-paying SpeedQuizzing users

Disadvantages of On The Fly.

  • Live Screen won’t display On The Fly questions.
  • Quizmaster’s remote control handset wont display On The Fly questions.
  • Not everyone will like the idea of reading questions from a piece of paper or from memory.

To jump to the On The Fly instructions page, click here


Advantages of using the online Question Manager.

  • No need to memorise questions or for additional question papers as your questions display on the host screen.
  • Questions and answers can also appear on the optional Live Screen, and Quizmaster’s handset.
  • A more slick and professional approach to including your own content.
  • Picture questions can imported and exported as part of the question in the Quizpack.
  • Content is stored online to be re-used, edited at a later date and can also be combined with SpeedQuizzing purchased content.

Disadvantages of using the online Question Manager.

  • The Question manager is a comprehensive question composer and editor, so there is a Learning curve.
  • You need a laptop or desktop computer with an internet connection to create, edit, compile and export your Quizpacks.
  • You will still need to use the On The Fly feature for last minute impulsive questions as you’d be unlikely to start using the Question Manager in the middle of a Trivia event.
  • The full version is only available to paying SpeedQuizzing customers. (One activation purchase per year required)

To view the Question manager instructions page, click here

To view the On The Fly instructions page, click here



Quick questions provide a quick way to create your own questions and load them into the software. Unlike standard ‘On The Fly’ questions, a quick question will display its text on both your screen and your Livescreen.

A quick question can be made in seconds with no need to be online or log in. To view full instructions page click here