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Version 3 beta testing

Version 3 beta testing

SpeedQuizzing host Version 3

We have been working hard developing the SpeedQuizzing software to bring new features that make SpeedQuizzing slicker and more fun than ever. In response to user feedback, a few of the main enhancements to the software include:

  • Multilingual support displaying international characters for questions and answers.
  • Live Screen feature available for all game-play styles, including Buzzin’ and Sound Clips.
  • A new sound selection feature, allowing teams to select their buzzer sound from the handset

Could you be a beta tester?

With our new software in the making, we are now looking for hosts to take part in our beta test and try out the software enhancements at quiz events. If you want to get early access to these upcoming features, there are just a few things we would like to know about you:

  • Are you a host who regularly books activations and has a profile picture and bio on the SpeedQuizzing host page?
  • Are you prepared to update to a new version whenever we provide the file or link?
  • Do you accept that, although new versions are tested before being released to beta users, there is always potential for bugs and glitches which could affect the smooth running of your quiz nights?

If this sounds like you, get in touch and email

Don’t forget, professional SpeedQuizzing hosts can also join our Hosts Facebook Group.