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SpeedQuizzing Version 2.6.0 is here

SpeedQuizzing Version 2.6.0 is here

SpeedQuizzing Version 2.6.0 is here

Version 2.6.0 of the SpeedQuizzing host software, which is now available as an update/download, //, boasts a brand new Keypad game entitled Evil mode plus a major improvement with regards to how the results are displayed during Keypad and Nearest wins games in general.

As well as this, there are some very exciting new hidden features for the Keypad games aimed at advanced users who want to spice up their established SpeedQuizzing events.

1. Evil mode

PastedGraphic-1Evil mode is an alternative feature to Go Wide. It is designed to spice up the Keypad game increasing the jeopardy per question.

Evil mode is perfect for introducing an extra element of suspense in the final keypad round and is simpler to understand than the Go Wide feature. Evil mode instructions (see image on the rough).

2. More comprehensive feedback

PastedGraphic-10As you can see below, at the end of the 10 second countdown during Keypad and Nearest Wins games the host can now see precisely what answers have been submitted.

Whereas before the software only displayed either “incorrect” or “correct” on the left hand side, it now displays precisely what answer each team inputted whether they got it rightwrong or even if they went wide.

You’ll notice that team ”5 alive” went wide and you can now see both of the answers which they selected. All of this information is now viewable right up until the host moves on to the next question.

3. Hidden Features

In the interests of not wanting to make it look like the cockpit of a spaceship when new users first open up the SpeedQuizzing host software, it is important that we don’t just keep throwing new features and controls at the interface.

On the other hand however it is equally important that experienced hosts are offered evolving functionality to keep their regular quiz nights fresh for their recurring teams. Our solution (in version 2.6.0) is to incorporate a brand new compliment of advanced features to enhance the Keypad games but we have opted to keep them hidden from the novice user. There is no mention of them in the SpeedQuizzing docs or video tutorials so the only place to find out about them is here on the new SpeedQuizzing forum. //

Note, we are sorry but we are having to replace the old forum with a new one which will mean signing up a fresh.

Also included in V2.6.0 is the humble beginnings of what we intend to call the Live Screen. (second screen output). It is very much a work in progress (Beta mode) but it is there for anyone to check out and feed back on, but it is not officially released or supported as yet. You can find out more about this on the new forum. //