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Software update Version 2.170

Software update Version 2.170

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Anyway… There is a new version of the SpeedQuizzing software to download Version 2.170. There has been a number of changes and improvements.

Changes and Improvements

  • Dynamic adverts resampling - Your advert files no longer need to be sized in an external graphics utility. Any JPG file can now be dropped in the Your Adverts folder and will be sized automatically both in terms of dimensions and file size.
  • Speedy score changing – When adjusting a team’s score manually, holding down any of the score adjustment arrows will now make the numbers increase/decrease rapidly rather than having to click for each individual increment.
  • Auto Applause settings - For those of you who feel that you can whip your audience up into a genuine frenzy without artificial help, you can now disable the applause samples in Settings. Also, the more adventurous can endeavour to change this sound effect to whatever they want!

  • IMPORTANT scoring change to Buzzin’ Advanced game – We have made the decision to change the scoring on the Buzzin’ Advanced round. This change is designed to increase the jeopardy of the game while making it easier for players to understand the rules. Therefore, when set to the default 10 points per question, participants are awarded 10 points for buzzing in with a correct answer (as before), but, as of version 2.170, participants will also be deducted 10 points for buzzing in with an incorrect answer. (as opposed to 5 points which it was previously). Additionally, if a team buzz in and fail to provide an answer at all (pass) they too will be penalised the full 10 points.


  • Router connection status – If you have been experiencing problems with the router icon on the main menu not correctly responding to the actual status of your router (example; red = not connected, orange = connected, green = connected and optimised), then you should be good to go after this update. (we have tested this on OS X, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8)
  • Sound Clips team-click bug (FIXED) – A small issue you may have noticed during a Sound Clips round which caused certain team names in the teams list to be unresponsive when clicked. This has been dealt with.
Download the latest version of SpeedQuizzing (Version 2.170) now!