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What you should know.. about version 2.5.0

What you should know.. about version 2.5.0

SpeedQuizzing quiz hosting software, version 2.5.0 is out now and is better than ever. Current users will want to read this article as there has been some notable changes.

New Native Installers

The cross-platfom .AIR file that we used to use for our installer has been replaced with operating system-specific installers. So that is an .EXE for Windows and a DMG for Mac OS X.

The software still uses the Adobe Air runtime, but now our installers themselves will handle the installation of the runtime (when required) as part of the overall installation process.

IMPORTANT!! You cannot auto-update to version 2.5.0 

Because of these new installers, you CANNOT automatically update to version 2.5.0 from any previous versions of SpeedQuizzing. You need to visit // and download one of the new installers (EXE or DMG). Once downloaded, when you run the new installer files, they will update your existing SpeedQuizzing software as per usual.

Going forward from version 2.5.0, automatic software updates will be available again.

New WIFi Mode

The main new feature in version 2.5.0 is Wifi Mode. We still recommend a wired connection between your computer and router when hosting professional events, however WiFi Mode is useful for practising, testing and also when your computer (such as Macbook Pro Retina display models) is built without an Ethernet port!


  1. Ross Andrews

    Does this new software update mean that quiz hosting is possible from iPad?

    1. John Leach

      Not quite Ross but it is something we are getting close to. Adobe Air are adding the all important Socket Server to IOS and Android in a coming release which would need to be in place for a full iPad migration. There are however 2 other ways…

      1. As this link explains setting up a VPN (virtual private network) between an iPhone/iPad and a computer, so that you can operate your computer remotely, is quite straight forward to set up.

      2. As you will be aware, a quiz host using our app in ‘quizmaster handset mode’ can hold the screen to view an answer remotely. In the next release of SpeedQuizzing (2.5.1), this will be both the question and answer that is sent to the app. Having access to both question and answer remotely will greatly reduce the need to physically operate the computer.

      Hope that helps.