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SpeedQuizzing Version 3.5.0 update

SpeedQuizzing Version 3.5.0 update

Fixes in V3.5.0 are as follows..

  1. Fixed.. authorisation problems caused by Windows 10 updates.
  2. Fixed.. Mac Sierra install problem.
  3. Fixed.. Keypad ‘Go Wide’ speed bonus bug.

  4. Fixed.. picture question bug (answers entered prior to picture displaying are now cleared).
  5. Fixed.. Buzzin’ Advanced bug where a crash occurs when pressing Livescreen ‘Show Now’ button at same time as a team buzzes in.
  6. Sound clips game. Space bar can now be used to end/skip the current playing clip, both during the game and when the clip is played in the results.
  7. Stop hidden files in buzzer sounds folder from showing.
  8. Improved demo/practice questions.

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