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SpeedQuizzing Version 3.1.0 update

SpeedQuizzing Version 3.1.0 update

V3.1 is an intermediate update which fixes a handful of bugs and addresses a few pressing issues. Unfortunately for anything exciting we all need to wait patiently for V4

Notable improvements in V3.1.0 are as follows.

  1. Picture questions now work with Nearest Wins round.
  2. Main score sliders have been increased to 20 in Keypad and Buzzin‘ games and 100 in Nearest Wins.
  3. Auto Join mode. When enabled in SpeedQuizzing Settings, Auto Join will bypass the need to click a team into a game. The benefits of this are primarily for larger events where you don’t need to monitor who joins the quiz. With Auto Join enabled, teams are presented with the list of buzzer-sounds on their device screen the moment they press Connect for the first time. Note: Auto Join will disable automatically as soon as at least one team have points, from then on, new teams will need to be clicked into the Teams List.
  4. Change team name prior to game starting. Previously if a team join the Teams List at the beginning of the game and then decide to change their name, the host is oblivious to the change and therefore the team thinks it is called something different to what is displaying on the host screen. This could cause a lot of confusion. Now new in V3.1.0, SpeedQuizzing will respond to team name changes by updating them on the host screen right up until the first points are awarded in the first round.
  5. Livescreen instructions slide priority. A new feature in V3.1.0 allows you to display one slide more frequently than others. This is designed primarily for an instructions slide. Simply name one slide “instructions.jpg” Then set the data in the ‘live_screen_settings.xml‘ to your desired frequency. (minimum 2) = every other slide.
  6. Improved session logging in the reporting folder. Whilst still a work in progress this should hopefully be more reliable and make more sense now. It’s recommended to view these files in a spreadsheet program such as Excel.