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SpeedQuizzing Christmas Gifts

SpeedQuizzing Christmas Gifts

We’re getting into the festive spirit here at SpeedQuizzing and we’re feeling generous with our Christmas gifts this year. To bringFree Christmas keypad round a bit of festive cheer to your quiz, we are giving you:

  • 1 free Christmas themed keypad round.
  • 1 free UK Events 2014 keypad round, covering some of the biggest stories of the year.

You won’t find these gifts under your Christmas tree, but they will be waiting for you to download from the SpeedQuizzing Forum and the SpeedQuizzing Hosts Facebook group from the 15th of December, just in time for your Christmas quiz!

SpeedQuizzing in Christmas Week

We all know Christmas is an expensive time and turn out to pub quizzes can be unpredictable during the festive period. So, if you’re hosting a quiz between Christmas Day and New Years Day, you will recieve 1 free activation and 1 free General Knowledge/Trivia Quizpack, including 61 questions. For your free Activation and Quizpack, please email, unless you purchase your SpeedQuizzing activations through Unit 1, then please contact Jon at Unit 1.

Merry Quizmas from everyone at SpeedQuizzing!

Please note: these offers are only available to paying SpeedQuizzing hosts.