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New member? Get hosting in under three weeks

New member? Get hosting in under three weeks

Ready, steady, quiz !!

Follow the simple steps in this email now and your smartphone quiz / trivia night should be up and running in under three weeks.

Welcome to SpeedQuizzing. You have signed up and your account has been activated (you haven’t? You best do this now then!) so now, please follow the steps below and together we can have your quiz night up and running within the next three weeks.

1. Secure a venue

Maybe you have somewhere in mind or maybe you don’t. Maybe you work at or own a venue. Regardless of these specifics, just get that first date arranged and secured. To help with this, check out our document Making Money with SpeedQuizzing. This page has some great tips on how to establish an arrangement with a venue that will be profitable both for you and for them.


If you are not yet confident in regards to hosting using the SpeedQuizzing software, don’t worry, just set the date of this first event around three weeks from now. If you already have the skills or just consider yourself a fast learner, sooner than three weeks is fine.

2. Authorise your software

If you haven’t already, open the SpeedQuizzing software on your Windows or Mac and choose the Authorise option. The on-screen instructions will show you what to do. Authorising registers your computer as valid target computer on our system allowing you to book and download Activation Keys.

3. Make a booking

Log in to your account on our website. The first thing you need to do is hit the buy credits page and make a purchase via PayPal. Once you have 3 or more credits on your account, you are ready to create your first booking. The booking procedure sets up a number of important things..

  • Activation Keys - These are our primary product. Two SpeedQuizzing Credits buys you one Activation Key which is an encoded file which needs to be loaded into the SpeedQuizzing software to tell it that you are licensed to use it (and connect up to 32 handsets) for the entirety of your selected booking date.
  • Quizpacks - A proportion of our quiz hosts like to create there own quiz content but the majority will order a Quizpack when they place a booking. Quizpacks contain 60 questions and answers from our massive questions database and are uniquely generated for each quiz host. At a cost of one SpeedQuizzing Credit, choosing to have a Quizpack puts the cost of each booking up from two to three credits. When you do require one, the Quizpack data is simply encoded into your Activation Key file.
  • Venue/Event Listing - The final part of creating a booking is the venue details. On your first booking you will need to create a new event/venue by completing a form, but you will then be able to simply select this event/venue on subsequent bookings. The main reason for providing this info is so that we can promote your event on our website and syndicate it to to our social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter.

4. Set up your host’s profile page

All active quiz hosts should make use of the host’s profile page we provide. Uploading a photo and writing a short biog means you end up with a neat shareable page showcasing you as a quiz host to use as you like. This profile photo is then also used in all of the listings of your events on our website.

Adding a host photo is not compulsory but is very much encouraged. Events pages that have host photos are far more visually appealing than ones without and therefore if we were ever cherry picking a selection of events for a marketing campaign, you can be sure that it will be the ones with photos (and good photos at that) that will be selected.

6. Design a poster in minutes

Follow the simple instructions here which explain how to access and use our new Poster Designer web application. This easy to use tool lets you very quickly explore a number of poster options, add your own event text and then save to your hard drive as a high resolution image file (up to A1 size) which can then be emailed on to a printing company.

Alongside every high resolution poster created, a screen-sized version, for use on the internet, is generated and this version will appear on your event page right after you finish designing it.. but it doesn’t end there. The SpeedQuizzing website rewards quiz hosts who use this facility by feeding only the events that have a poster into our automatic social campaigns. In short, design a poster and your event will additionally appear on and from where YOU are encoraged to take it further.

7. Promote your event

Your poster is central to your promotion campaign both offline and online.

Offline, you simply need to print your poster. Numbers and sizes would depend heavily on the venue but do not be conservative. You want everyone who comes in (or walks past) the venue to know that smartphone quizzing will be happening soon. Also, our poster templates are designed to work well as A6 flyers/handouts as well so consider printing a decent run of these and arrange for them to be regularly distributed around tables leading up to the big day.

Your online promotion (not compulsory but recommended) does not need to take much time at all. By this stage, our website will have created a Facebook event and a Twitter post on your behalf, all you need to do is share these web links with your own friends, fans or followers.

8. Take control of the software

Although steps 1 to 7 probably sounds like quite a lot of tasks, in reality, none of this will take up very much time. This final step, however, learning how to set up and operate SpeedQuizzing to a professional standard, may well take a little longer. How much longer will of course depend on your own abilities.

Recently, a new host contacted us telling us that his first quiz was in an hour and wanted to know what to do. “Have you downloaded the software” we asked. “No” he replied. “Have you looked at any of the tutorial documents or videos” we asked. “No” he replied again. Anyway, regardless of this blatant disregard for forward planning, his quiz night did go ahead one hour later relatively flawlessly.

This example demonstrates that with a can-do attitude (and a little telephone support from us), the preparation stage is not a cast-iron requirement. After all, ease of use is central to the design of our software. But really.. with a room full of contestants relying on you to deliver the goods, do you really want to add the extra stress of being underprepared?

We heartily recommend that you read up and practice as much as you can before your first event. Get your act as slick as it can be and be prepared so that you are able to confidently overcome any technical hurdles that may occasionally need dealing with.

Learning Resources

Start with the quick start guide and use this information to get the software working in demo mode. Then work through all the tutorial videos one by one and if you can, practice as your progress with friends using the software in demo mode connecting up to four handsets.

All other documents can be found at Some will be more relevant to you than others but the two regarding obtaining and setting up a SpeedQuzzing recommended router are of the upmost importance because you cannot host your event without it.

And that’s it

We, the SpeedQuizzing team wish you the best of luck with your new smartphone quiz hosting venture and hope that we will be working together far into the future. Please do contact us with any questions and we will do our very best to support you.