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Rebranding 2013

Rebranding 2013

SpeedQuizzing have had a prosperous year with a steady increase of quiz hosts and venues turning on to our new approach towards quiz hosting. That said, it has been theorised from various parties that this steady increase could have been significantly stronger if we had had a stronger brand and a more contemporary website in place.

The last six weeks have been all about this and is now (date of this article) all in place. The article focuses on key points of this journey while also showcasing the outcome.

Finding the right style

Most of the look and feel of SpeedQuizzing since it’s conception has come from myself. Sure, I have designed a fair few good logos in the past and created some reasonable looking websites, but this time we wanted to shine out beyond my skill set and therefore have for the first time farmed in the help of outsiders. Having more minds to bounce ideas around with can be very helpful as Alan and myself, being brothers, often have polar-opposite opinions to each other which can be unproductive.

Since working on SpeedQuizzing, we have come to understand that our product is fundamentally tricky to design for. It is a software product but too clinical a look (like Apple for example) is not fun, ‘gamey’ or ‘pubby’ enough to portray a system that allows you play a fun game in a pub. `however, focusing too much on the fun, game and pub aspect also has it’s own issues. One being that SpeedQuizzing has potential as a product in other areas also such education and therefore too many photos of adults playing the game on booze-filled tables sends the wrong message for them. Another consideration is the fact that bars like to identify themselves as being nothing like pubs. To bar people, pubs represent the past whereas bars are the progressive drinking venues. With this in mind, a bar would never host anything billed as a ‘pub quiz’ like a ‘Smartphone Pub Quiz’. However, simply by losing the the word pub, ‘Smartphone Quiz’, this instantly sounds like something that you could play in forward thinking bar.

Taking all of this into account we now have these clear definitions.

  • SpeedQuizzing - As well as being our company name, this is the name of the game you play. Whether you play in a pub, bar, church hall or field what you are doing is playing SpeedQuizzing. SpeedQuizzing is the fast response quiz game.
  • Smartphone Pub Quiz – Is our umbrella name for the application of the SpeedQuizzing game used in a pub or bar scenario. Fundamentally, these events are pub quizzes and therefore this is the most meaningful name.
  • Variant Names – For use on event posters, Smartphone Quiz, Smartphone Trivia Night, Smartphone Trivia Show are variations of the Smartphone Pub Quiz concept, but specifically tailored for either a type of venue, such as a bar, or a locale such as the USA.

Logo Creation

For our new logos, we worked with the very talented Petr Barak of Malbar Design. First up was the SpeedQuizzing company logo. We asked that he created something that was more of an enhancement than as brand new design as we did not want all the media we current have the dons the old logo to become obsolete over night.

The brief for the Smartphone Pub Quiz logo was to create something that would look great on posters and clearly conveyed the smartphone pub quiz concept.

After a few drafts were sent back and forth between Petr and myself, we tested his creations by sending a questionnaire around some of our partners and associates. These associates included a mixture of quiz hosts, press and marketing professionals, one graphic designer and a manager of operations . The infographic below displays the results of this research.


From this research we learned that, like us, most were in favour of the newly created SpeedQuizzing logo and therefore this design (below), in all its colourful variant splendour is our company logo going forwards.


Regarding the Smartphone Pub Quiz logo, there was much more division in the feedback. Some thought it as spot on whilst others found it too ‘pubby’.  The was also the issue that our key visual photo depicting hands and drinks, in bar, playing SpeedQuizzing, has a very bar-like feel to it. When overlaid with this rather pub-like logo, many felt a clash of styles.

Also, regarding posters, we tried to gain an insight into whether our posters actually needed to have a photo depicting the game in play at all or whether simply a massive graphical logo had more impact. The feedback on this was again a mixed bag of opinion but one thing that came apparent was that neither of these approaches to the poster design captured the fun and excitement of one of our events and that they probably should.

Poster Designer 1.0

This process inspired me to build something rather special for our customers. Something we have talked about for years.

We now have a web application on our website called Poster Designer. It does exactly what is says on the tin. Our hosts, via the event booking system on our website, can design a poster, in minutes whenever they log on. The poster they create will be added both to their event page on the website, but more importantly be saved and printed at up to a whopping A1 size.

Instructions on how to access and use our Poster Designer tool can be found here.

The below image shows two posters generated with Poster Designer.. 

This image shows two posters generated with Poster Designer

From what we had learnt through this feedback, the Poster Designer will now allow a quiz host to choose the variation of the logo that they prefer. If they want to look extra-pubby then they can. If they want to create a bar feel with no mention of the word ‘pub’ then they can. Also, photos of people having fun at a quiz night are now an option and many colour variations are in there too.

The convenience factor of being able to create a custom poster, in high resolution, in a few clicks of a mouse is really going to appeal to our quiz hosts while at the same time guarantying us a great deal of brand consistency as these posters start to crop up inside and outside of more and more pubs and bars.

The Outcome

From December 2013, visitors to will see that we have significantly raised our game. The website itself is fully responsive which means it will look and function great on all of your devices from your desktop computer right down to your smartphone and with a much fresher look all round.

The Gallery

Thank again to Petr Barak of Malbar Design. Please enjoy this gallery of the work he created for us.