SpeedQuizzing goes web-based during the virus lockdown.

Until recently our flagship SpeedQuizzing product was played in 1400 pubs and bars weekly over a Local Area Connection with players competing using our Android and Apple SpeedQuizzing apps. SpeedQuizzing has established itself as the global market leader for Smartphone Pub Quizzes and Trivia Events over the past ten years. However with the current ban on large gatherings, our main product has temporarily become a little bit redundant.

Therefore what we have here (SpeedQuizzing Live) is a temporary, makeshift web-based replacement. It’s not as slick as SpeedQuizzing, it doesn’t work on Apple IOS yet. But considering we created this in less than a week in response to the current global situation, we think it’s pretty impressive. It is a work in progress, and we will continue to improve it until a time we can all go back to quizzing where God intended. Down the pub.

Tell us about SpeedQuizzing Live

SpeedQuizzing Live is a solution which allows SpeedQuizzing hosts to host a version of SpeedQuizzing over the internet rather than face to face in a public place. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of our flagship product, but is still proving to be a lot of fun for home-bound hosts and players alike.

In addition to using our SpeedQuizzing Live app system, hosts and players need to communicate with each other over the Zoom conferencing platform.

SpeedQuizzing Live video walkthrough.

Important stuff that doesn’t get mentioned in the video.

  • SpeedQuizzing Live DOES NOT stream your voice or video. You need to host SpeedQuizzing Live over a communication platform such as Zoom, Skype or a Whatsapp call. We recommend
  • We don’t provide any support for the streaming side of things. All quiz players taking part will need to hear your voice and ideally the sounds from your laptop.
  • SpeedQuizzing Live needs to be hosted from a laptop or Desktop computer and can’t be hosted from a tablet.
  • Direct your players to this page which will explain to them how to view and take part in your quiz using two devices.


Providing you create your own quiz content in the free SpeedQuizzing Question Manager, or use previously purchased SpeedQuizzing Quizpacks, SpeedQuizzing Live is (for a limited time) free to host up to 40 connected player devices.

Important! Most of the pricing information on the main site applies to SpeedQuizzing Pro (the Pubs and Bars version of SpeedQuizzing) which cost £21+VAT per activation. To allow us to charge less for SpeedQuizzing Live we’ve split these into part activations (1/3rds). So the currency for SpeedQuizzing Live is 1/3rd Activations which are equal to UK £7+VAT each.


  • Activation £21 +VAT
  • 1/3rd Activation worth £7 +VAT


Quizpack: An optional purchasable set of pre quiz questions. A Quizpack costs 1/3rd of an activation.

Note: Purchasing a Quizpack for the price of 1/3rd of an activation on the day of your quiz entitles you to a free upgrade from 40 free connections to 100 free connections for the duration of that day.

SQLive Prices without pre-purchased Quizpack

  • Up to 40 player connected player devices = Free throughout the month of April.
  • 41-100 devices =  1/3rd of an activation = £7
  • 101 to 150 devices = 2/3rds of an activation £14
  • 151 + devices = A full activation. £21

SQLive Prices if you’ve already pre-purchased a Quizpack

  • Up to 100 player connected player devices = Free
  • 101 to 150 devices = 1/3rd of an activation
  • 151 + devices = 2/3rds of an activation

Note: If you suspect you may go over any of the thresholds mentioned above, be sure to have an activation paid for in preparation on your account. If you don’t reach the threshold it will stay on your account for next time.