I’d like to use SpeedQuizzing in the classroom

We are currently offering a six month free trial using SpeedQuizzing in the classroom.

However if you’d prefer to just try the demo version click here.

What will I need?

  • Laptop computer with audio output and Ethernet connector.
  • Mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones, iPods, Android tablets and phones etc. Ensure your devices are compatible here.
  • Hub / Wireless router and ethernet cable.

What do I need to do?

Prior to the event…

  1. Send us your information via the form below to ensure you qualify for the free 6-month classroom trial.
  2. Follow these steps (below) and await further instructions on how to obtain your free 6-month educational activation to enable the system to work with up to 32 handsets.
  1. Download the software onto your PC or Mac Download here.
  2. Download the free SpeedQuizzing Virtual Buzzer app onto the intended mobile devices.
  3. Read the relevant help docs on how to host the quiz games here.
  4. Learn how to create your own content either On The Fly or using the Online Question manager here.
  5. Check out how to connect the optional Live Screen.
  6. Connect your laptop (by cable to the WiFi Hub. Buy a dedicated Hub/Router here.
  7. Join the mobile devices to the same network, open the app and input a student/team name and then hit Connect. Beware that Firewalls can initially prevent devices from connecting.
  8. Students can then choose their own Buzzer ID sound from the device screen. Find out more about this feature (and how to disable it here).

Because the current included Buzzer ID sounds are designed primarily for adults in the UK, we strongly recommend that you purchase a set of musical ID’s here. Alternatively you can create your own in MP3 format.

You are now ready to host SpeedQuizzing with up to 4 handsets. Fill in this form to see if you are eligible for 32 handset use for free for 6 months.