How To Host SpeedQuizzing Live

How to host SpeedQuizzing Live over ZOOM (or similar)

SpeedQuizzing Live is used primarily to host SpeedQuizzing remotely over ZOOM or a similar conferencing platform.

The following instructions assume that you intend to host SpeedQuizzing Live remotely over ZOOM and that you are already familiar with the basics of how ZOOM works.

What you’ll need

  • Reliable Internet connection.
  • Laptop or desktop computer with the ZOOM app installed. A good sized screen is advantageous as you will need to have both the ZOOM app and SpeedQuizzing Live in a web browser on the same screen together.
  • SpeedQuizzing User account. (free to create)
  • Trivia content which we sometimes call ‘Quizpacks’. In addition to the 40 included demo questions, Quizpacks can be created by yourself using the Question Manager, or purchased from us by booking an activation.

Step by step guide

  •  Watch this video on how to share and operate the optional Livescreen over ZOOM.


  •  Either watch this video on how to create a round of questions using Question Manager….


  • Or purchase a Credit and book a SpeedQuizzing activation which will include a free Quizpack.


Advanced “Group” feature