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SpeedQuizzing after lockdown

SpeedQuizzing Live was created very quickly at the beginning of lockdown to allow SpeedQuizzing hosts to provide their quiz services over the internet.

Although we are hopeful that most of our hosts will be back hosting face to face public events over the next few months using our flagship SpeedQuizzing V4 product, we will continue to provide and support SpeedQuizzing Live as it has proved to be more popular than we we ever imagined.

SpeedQuizzing Live has come a long way since its inception in April this year, especially with the recent release of version 2. Find out how to host SpeedQuizzing Live using the info and videos below.

See Alan use ‘SpeedQuizzing Live V2’ to host a family quiz in June 2020.

Note: In addition to using ZOOM and SpeedQuizzing Live, Alan is also using an optional extra piece of free software called OBS . OBS allows the host to implement slick screen layout changes and picture question integration.

Tell us about SpeedQuizzing Live

SpeedQuizzing Live allows anyone to host SpeedQuizzing over the internet rather than face to face in a public place. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of our flagship product, but is proving to be a lot of fun for home-bound hosts and players alike.

In addition to using our SpeedQuizzing Live app system, hosts and players need to communicate with each other over the Zoom conferencing platform.

  • What device do I host SpeedQuizzing Live from? A web browser on a laptop or desktop computer. A good sized screen is advantageous.
  • How do players in their homes hear me reading out the questions? We recommend you host a meeting on the Zoom platform. Don’t use streaming platforms such as FB Live or Twitcher as they have too much latency (lag) to host a real-time quiz.
  • How do I explain to players what they need to do? Give them this link
  • How many teams/players can connect? We don’t really know! The largest amount you can purchase is a licence for is 150+ devices, but we don’t know how many more than that the system will allow at this point.
  • What quiz content can I use? Create your own content in the SpeedQuizzing question manager or purchase Quizpacks from us. Question Manager is currently free to use and can be found in your members area once you create a free account.
  • How much does it cost me to host SpeedQuizzing Live? Pricing will change as time goes on but we’ve tried to make this as accessible as possible to allow people to host SpeedQuizzing over the internet. So it’s currently free to host with up to 12 player-devices. (See pricing at bottom of page).
  • The SpeedQuizzing Live app is in the Apple and Android stores, where can I get it for the Amazon Kindle Fire? You will need to download it from this link.

Video: Get started hosting ‘SpeedQuizzing Live’

Video: How to create your own round of quiz questions

Pricing for SpeedQuizzing Live

Important! Most of the pricing information on the main site applies to SpeedQuizzing Pro (the Pubs and Bars version of SpeedQuizzing) which costs £21+VAT per activation.

SpeedQuizzing Live is currently FREE to use up to 12 player devices. You only need to pay should you choose to go over the 12 device threshold, or should you wish to purchase a SpeedQuizzing Quizpack rather than create your own content.


However, to allow us to temporarily lower the price for SpeedQuizzing Live we’ve split these into part activations (1/3rds) which we are calling “Credits” which are equal to UK £7+VAT each.

Before you can purchase Credits, you’ll need to create a SpeedQuizzing account here

Once you’ve created a free SpeedQuizzing account and logged in, then you can purchase an activation (equal to three SpeedQuizzing Live credits) here.

Video: Purchasing credits and booking quizpacks

Technical support.

Contact page.

Please don’t hesitate to try calling us on an evening if you have a genuine technical ‘SpeedQuizzing Live‘ emergency.

But for non emergency enquiries, please email or phone in normal working hours.

In addition to contacting us, this Facebook group of SpeedQuizzing Live users are generally happy and well equipped to help with non emergency queries.

Emergency Technical Support UK:

Call Stoo on ++ 44(0)7813 820 222

Call Phil on+44 (0)7870 576996

Call Alan on ++ 44(0)7966 425 988

Call John on ++ 44(0)7423 064 067

Enquiries & Technical Support USA:

Call Bill or Rob on 1 844 587 4842